Plamen N.: Hello Aaron, welcome to our live chat

Aaron Su: good day , I have added a parked site to redirect to , but I don’t want to redirect it using 301 , so I operated it with parked site , but it doesn’t work. Could you help me to check what’ the reason is, thanks!Plamen N.: Thank you for the details! Allow me a moment to check on this please and will be back with youPlamen N.: I was able to check on it here and flushed the cache from

Plamen N.: Site Tools – Speed – Caching – Dynamic – Flush: url:

Plamen N.: For the 2 domains

Plamen N.: Then I tested the domain here on another browser and it appears to be redirecting correctly

Plamen N.: May I ask if you could test it on another browser just in case pleaseAaron Su: ok , I am tryingPlamen N.: Sure, take your time please

Aaron Su: completed clearing cash, how long will take to see the result?Plamen N.: You can check on it right away and it should be working OK, here for instance on my end when I attempt to access – it is redirecting me properly to

Aaron Su: I am ping the , still wrong IP

Plamen N.: The IP for is the correct one which is and I Can see it on this checker here:

Plamen N.: Su: ping Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data: Reply from bytes=32 time=69ms TTL=107 Reply from bytes=32 time=64ms TTL=107 Reply from bytes=32 time=67ms TTL=107 Reply from bytes=32 time=63ms TTL=107Plamen N.: I see, it appears to be locally pinging it incorrectlyPlamen N.: To be sure, may I ask if you made any recent DNS changes on this domainAaron Su: I am in canada , is there any others problem with the name servicesPlamen N.: And if you see any error or some other issue when you attempt to access itPlamen N.: Instead of redirectingAaron Su: can I sent you the namecheap setting screenshotAaron Su: I set up the custom dns to ns1.giowm1011.siteground.bizPlamen N.: I can actually see the settings you have set there, they are shown here on this checker:Plamen N.: N.: However, may I ask when did you make this changePlamen N.: As it can take up to 72 hours to propagate globally for all network providersAaron Su: yesterdayAaron Su: sep 23 4 pmAaron Su: ok , I will waitPlamen N.: Your patience and understanding are highly appreciated! I am positive once a bit more time is allowed, it will be working all well and since it is working here already and I also see it on the checkerPlamen N.: This does indicate all is going well and it really just needs a bit more time so it can start working correctlyPlamen N.: You can also speed up the propagation process by clearing the local DNS cache via the steps here:Plamen N.: N.: You can in the meantime also test the redirect by pasting the domain on this proxy herePlamen N.: kproxy.comPlamen N.: If there is anything else I can help with please let me know, I will gladly assistAaron Su: it works, really appreciateAaron Su: thank youPlamen N.: Excellent! I highly appreciate it and you are always most welcome and am sure all will go well once it propagates in a bit more timeAaron Su: sure, Can I output the chat records for a solutionPlamen N.: Sure thing, once we close the chat, you would have it saved here:Plamen N.: N.: For your convenience, I can also send you a full copy of the chat at the end of the session so you can have the details on hand for future reference if neededAaron Su: great, please sent mePlamen N.: Sure thing, thank you again for all the time on this and will make sure the chat is sent once closed so all of the details to be present on handPlamen N.: I hope this was of help to you and if that is all for the moment I wish you a great one aheadPlamen N.: Still, if anything else comes up feel free to reach us back anytimeAaron Su: sounds perfectPlamen N.: Kind regardsSystem: Plamen N. has ended the chat

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