May 2022

query returned no rows P0002

问题代码 : select nvl (case when g.munit=’KG’ then count(g.code)when g.munit=’LB’ then count(g.code)else sum(b2.qty) end, 0) sales_qty , g.code gcode, s.code scode— into v_sales_qty1from stos_buy2 b2inner join stos_buy1 b1 on b1.flowno=b2.flowno and b1.posno=b2.posnojoin orggoods g on b2.gid=g.gid –and g.orggid= {$currentOrg}–join sort s on s.code=left(g.sort,2)join store s on s.code=b1.store_codewhere 1=1/* and s.code = nvl(instore, s.code)and g.code =nvl(ingcode… Read More »query returned no rows P0002